Fly of the Month

Fly Tying Evening

Annual Inter-club Fly Tying Competition held at the WFF Club rooms on Monday 19th November

Venue: Tararua Tramping Club Library


HumpyFly of the Month

This is a very useful summer pattern. The Humpy seems to suggest a variety of different insects when tied in a range of sizes. It has buoyancy so can support a nymph in quite turbulent water. The Royal Hampy variation has white wings and is clearly visible in rough water.

Hook   TMC 9300 size 10-16
Thread   Danville 6/0 black
Tail   Moose Hair
Overbody   Elk or deer hair
Abdomen   Red, green, yellow floss. Green or blue metallic tinsel or peacock herl.
Wing   Elk or deer hair tips or white calf body
Hackle   Brown